EEC 4 Exam Answers | BDP EEC 4 Exam Answers 2022

EEC 4 Exam Answers
EEC 4 Exam Answers

EEC 4 Exam Answers | BDP EEC 4 Exam Answers 2022

1. The basic foundation of Fifth Plan model was 

  • None of these 

2. Which of the following is NOT associated with the objectives of land reforms in India?

  •  industrial development 

3. In the past, planners announced the Plan holiday for three years. They were as follows 

  • 1966-67, 1967-68,1968-69 

4. India’s Fourth plan could not be launched on time due to 

  • conflict with Pakistan 

5. The particular level of income below which poor cannot meet their minimum level of livelihoods is called

  • Absolute poverty 

6. Which one is the apex institution as a source for providing rural credit in India? 


7. 7. Which Industrial Policy is known as the ‘Economic Constitution of India’?

  •  1956 

8. Which year in India is considered as ‘Golden Year of Fiscal Discipline’ during the last decade?

  •  2008-09

9. Special Economic Zone in India was established in India following

  • China model 

10. In the late 1970s Operation Barga was introduced in

  • West Bengal 

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11.  The main foundation of Fifth Five Year Plan was

  • Investment model 

12. GST is 

  • indirect tax 

13. Public debt in India consists of 

  • internal debt , external debt and other liabilities 

14. REPO Rate is always 

  • Greater than Reverse REPO Rate 

15. India faced a serious balance of payments problems 

  • in 1990-91

16. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan is associated with

  •  Agriculture 

17. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched 

  • : Tarapore Committee : Capital Account Convertibility 

18. Independent India’s serious efforts to alleviate poverty began with the famous slogan

  •  ‘Garibi Hatao’ of the 1970s

19. The disguised unemployed workers works in rural areas where their marginal productivity is 

  • zero or near-zero 

20. The concept “Inward-looking strategy of growth” in India is related to

  •  Import-substitution policy

এই ধরনের আরো বিভিন্ন অজানা তথ্য এবং সতর্ক বার্তা সবার আগে পাওয়ার জন্য অবশ্যই আমাদের নিউজওয়াপ সাইটটিকে ফলো করবেন এবং নোটিফিকেশনটি অবশ্যই Allow করে দেবেন।