EEG 3 Exam Answers | BDP EEG 3 Final Exam Answers 2022

EEG 3 Exam Answers
EEG 3 Exam Answers

EEG 3 Exam Answers | BDP EEG 3 Final Exam Answers 2022

1. Which play of Shakespeare is the source of inspiration for All for Love?

  • A. Antony and Cleopatra 

2. Hudibras Satirises the 

  • C. Puritans

3. Who has written the text”Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English


  • C. Jeremy Collier

4. The Ordinance for full suppression of stage plays was issued in

  • A.1642

5. Neoclassicism in England drew inspiration from:

  • C. Ancient Greece and ancient Rome

6. Dryden’s MacFlecknoe is an attack on his fellow dramatist named

  • A. Shadwell

7. Which well-known Elizabethan comic dramatist’s plays highlighted the common man?

  • D. Ben Jonson

8. Who was heralded as a successor to Sappho(a Greek lyric poet)?

  • C. Aphra Behn

9. Which poem of Dryden hailed Charles II as”Augustus”or Emperor of Rome?

  • A. Astraea Redux

10. The writer of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding was

  • B. Locke

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11. The Misanthrope is a comedy written by:

  • D. Moliere

12. Who worked as an advisor to Charles II and as Chancellor of England?

  • C. Edward Hyde

13. Dr. Johnson Calls Dryden:

  • D. the father of English Criticism

14. “Enough to undo the amorous world”.What is meant by”amorous world”?

  • B. Lustful people

15. What is the meaning of the word’Augusta’as refereed to in Mac Flecknoe?

  • C. London as City

16. The favourite verse form of the Neo-classical poets was

  • C. Rhymed Couplet

17. Who wrote History of the Royal Society?

  • A. Thomas Sprat

18. All for love is set in the city of: 

  • B. Alexandria

19. The First Professional Female Novelist in England:

  •  B. Aphra Behn

20. In which country did Charless 2 have his culture orientation?

  • B. France

এই ধরনের আরো বিভিন্ন অজানা তথ্য এবং সতর্ক বার্তা সবার আগে পাওয়ার জন্য অবশ্যই আমাদের নিউজওয়াপ সাইটটিকে ফলো করবেন এবং নোটিফিকেশনটি অবশ্যই Allow করে দেবেন।