EEG 5 Exam Answers | BDP EEG 5 Final Exam Answers 2022

EEG 5 Exam Answers
EEG 5 Exam Answers

EEG 5 Exam Answers | BDP EEG 5 Final Exam Answers 2022

1. According To Wordsworth the Best subject of poetry is

Ans.Ordinary life

2. In pride and prejudice, Lucas is married to

Ans. Mr. Collins

3. For the idea of return to Nature’ to whom are the English romantics

majorly indebted


4. Essays of Elia composed by

Ans. Charles Lamb

5. What does fearful Symmetry suggest

Ans. None of these

6. Writer of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Ans. Lord Byron

7. Wordsworth preferred a humble and rustic life

Ans. Such people lived close to nature and were ………. humanity

8. The Great Grandmother Field lived in

Ans.Norfolk 9. Pride and prejudice published

9. Ans. 1813

10. Mind-forged manacles occur Ans. William Blake

11. Hemlock is ……….


12. Writer of Defence of poetry

Ans.P. B. Shelley

13. The soul of a journey is

Ans. Liberty

14. Who said Keats, “He is with


Ans. (সঠিক উত্তর অপশনে দেওয়া নেই)

15. What according to Hazlitt are”the cups that cheer, but not inebriated?”

Ans. (সঠিক উত্তর অপশনে দেওয়া নেই)

16. Name of the Darcy’s estate

Ans. Pemberly

17. Wordsworth revisits Tintern Abbe


18. Writer of Frankenstine

Ans. Mary Shelley

19. Burning-Bright

Ans. Alliteration 

20. Pantheism means

Ans.Worship of nature around us

21. Such a distance there is a betwixt ……

Ans.John Lamb

22. How are Christabel and sir Leoline related


23. Which novel is considered Walter Scott’s first great success


24. How many daughters Mrs Bennett had?

Ans. Five

25. Poetry is a Spontaneous overflow of power…..


26. Biographia Literaria

Ans. S.T. Coleridge

27. Who wrote romantic imagination Ans. C. M. Bowra

28.”The Lamb’ by Blake is from

Ans.Songs of innocence

29. The names of Lamb’s children in his essay Dream

-Ans.Alice and John

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এই ধরনের আরো বিভিন্ন অজানা তথ্য এবং সতর্ক বার্তা সবার আগে পাওয়ার জন্য অবশ্যই আমাদের নিউজওয়াপ সাইটটিকে ফলো করবেন এবং নোটিফিকেশনটি অবশ্যই Allow করে দেবেন।